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Grace & McEwan Consulting is a comprehensive government relations consulting firm, providing services in the lobbying, public policy, procurement, and regulatory arenas. Founded by Jim Grace and Jennifer McEwan, Grace & McEwan Consulting has over 25 years of collective government relations and public policy experience.

Areas of Practice

At Grace & McEwan Consulting, our passion is solving problems and participating in the political process. That passion enables Grace & McEwan Consulting to assist in identifying the issues and opportunities that affect client decision-making. Our significant experience enables us to provide timely strategic plans to achieve our clients’ policy objectives and guide projects through to completion. In today’s marketplace, legislative and regulatory challenges can halt or delay even the most needed policy initiatives and projects. Grace & McEwan Consulting provides the expertise necessary to effect change and allow projects to be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.


Trusted experience. World class service.

Our strategies are proven and time tested. With a hands on approach, we’ll help you get to where you need to be.

Austin 1001 Congress Avenue, Suite 260  Austin, Texas 78701                                                                                      Houston  6608 Weslayan St. Houston, Texas 77005